Bypass Code Technology

Reach phone numbers on DND, Setup your 2-way messaging channel & achieve 100% delivery!

Let's Enhance your Communication

What is a Bypass Code?

It's a set of eleven(11) numbers that is registered with the Telecommunication Networks, and it's used to deliver and receive text messages( One-way & 2-way SMS) from any mobile number irrespective of the DND status of the number. It is used in our Bypass Route to deliver messages to phone numbers on DND while conviniently running 2-way communications and mobile / SMS voting.

The bypass code only sends 10 msgs per minute and 600 msgs per hours. It currently serves phone numbers within Nigeria alone, but can communicate to international numbers if requested for. You can also have as much Bypass codes as you want running for your business.

Note, they are always registered independently and dedicated.

What Makes Up A Bypass Code

1. A set of eleven(11) digits registered with the Telecommunication Networks (e.g 090xxxxxxxx)

2. A Remote Server that hosts and runs the technology independently via a gateway

3. An Automated Reconciliation Program (sub service) that is replicated for each message push through the bypass code

4. API and Webhook service that allows you to programatically engage the bypass codes (Send and Recieve Messages)

5. A Channel that enables 2-way messaging solution to run. See 2-Way Messaging Solution

How the Bypass Code helps your Business

Below are some great benefits of having a bypass code running

Bypass Code helps you achieve 100% delivery rate each time you send out messages, It ensured you recipients on DND are not left out for any reason

It can be branded to your business, saved by your customers and makes communication easier

Enables 2-Way Messaging Solution for your business

It helps you deliver OTPs perfectly well to all phone numbers.

Hepls to increase customer engagements, as it makes people curious because it looks like a phone numbers when they receive messages from the bypass code. They'll always want to find out "who sent it?"