Contacts Link

Collect and Categorize all your customer's contact without having a website or doing any integrations.

It's Simple & Secure

How Contact Links Helps your Business

Easily Collect your customers contacts (e.g Name, Phone Numbers) and classify them into categories without having a website

Avoid manual data collections in Large audiences (e.g Churches, Schools, Events)

Prevents having to export and re-import customer's contacts

Set it up easily and share your links

Textng provides you with a simple web based interface that helps you easily create categories and a contact collection link attached to it. Then you can share it on other media platforms and have your audience / customer base send in their contacts to you.

For more advanced cases, you can also use the Contacts URL ID for integrations to your own platform if you want to programatically handle the process. See Documentation

Some Use Cases for Contacts Link

Below are some use cases for Contacts Link solution

1. Easy Customer data collections

2. Basic Pre-registration for events

3. Carrying out quick census following an SMS broadcast